Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Parachute's Connection to the Payload

You can see my review of my parachute here:

Now I need to connect it to the payload.

Again, I will be using quick links and the same swivels, but now I am using Kevlar twine.   I want to have this be as light as possible, but still be cut resistant and strong.  Kevlar fits the bill perfectly.

I found mine on Amazon (again) at:

ASR Outdoor Kevlar Sport Line/ Kite Line (Multiple Lengths, Colors)

This is usually used for kite flying or spear fishing, but it should work nicely for ballooning too.  It has a slightly waxy feel and ties off beautifully.  I recommend  on all the knots on this project using the "Duncan Knot".  Click on the link to see how to tie it.

In the end I end up with a cord that nearly identical to the first one only made of Kevlar.  You can see this in the photo.

Again, I labeled the ends, and have attached the quick links to the ends as well.

I will show you how I did the connection to the payload in my next post.